So, why do we need to give our children iPad and x-box again? Why? Well, I will tell you why. You think giving them the latest techs will help them become better at learning. You also believe that these gadgets will save them from endless shame that they might feel in front of their cousins and friends, if they didn’t have one. You may also add that times are changing and it is better to have online education or learning material. WRONG!

As an educationist, I do not believe in all of the above. Why? Here are some extracts from different researches done recently to prove Negative impacts of technology on children.

According to a research by Yasser Alghamdi at Oakland University, USA, introduction of computers to children at a very young age can have adverse effects in their personal lives, relationships in the family and friends since they will constitute a major part of the children’s lives. (Welch, 1995) In America, about 40% of the children have access to a computer and most parents encourage their kids to use a computer on a frequent basis. (Green,1996) At the same time, concern should be expressed about the possibility of having isolating effects of computers on children. Such effects of excessive preoccupation with computers leading to social isolation have also been seen in adults hence, it poses a danger to both. (Kupfer, 1995; Stoeltje, 1996) “Technology addiction can lead to social isolation which is characterized by a lack of contact with other people in normal daily living which could in the workplace, with friends and in social activities”. (Hosale, 2013)

It can also cause a condition called Neurosis which deals with psychological and behavioral disorders. Its symptoms include anxiety, sadness or depression, anger, irritability, mental confusion and may also lead to a sense of low self-worth. Because of technology such as cell phones, internet and gaming systems today kids are less likely to interact with each other face to face. Kids nowadays are inseparable from their phones because they are so dependent on them. They spend every spare minute they have on a gaming system or online or through text messages which reduces their ability to socially interact with others outside in the real world. There is data which proves that any individual, kid or an adult who browses the internet frequently is likely to spend over 100 minutes less time with friends and family than non-internet users. (Mads, 2011) Also Kids who are dependent on technology get a sense of satisfaction and feel much happier when they are on Facebook or playing video games with their virtual friends online rather than socializing with their real friends and doing something funny outdoors.

It has hugely affected the learning process in the classrooms. One of the major concerns about technology in the classroom is that it prevents students from developing and using basic literacy, math and communication skills, all of which are essential in both day-to-day living and working life. The exclusive use of computer-based tools such as spelling and grammar checkers, as well as calculators, enable students to complete assignments without knowing how to manually perform those same functions. Daily use of technology for classroom activities can also hamper their learning as it may lead to access to social networking or gaming sites. Teachers can not monitor each and every child in their classrooms which may result in accessing unwanted things on the internet.

It can also affect the way kids process information — when kids are exposed to high levels of technology, they tend to think through things only superficially and don’t develop the ability to think critically or be creative when learning new concepts.

Technology changes the way kids socialize and interact with others, which can have huge impacts on their mental and emotional well-being. It has now become common knowledge that high levels of social media use, in both kids and adults, can lower self-esteem and create negative moods. However, all types of technology can actually have negative effects on children when used in excess, because they lower children’s frequency of interacting with their peers. This makes it more difficult for them to pick up on social cues and develop meaningful relationships with others — something that can have serious negative consequences as they grow and develop. They also have a difficult time developing emotions the same way other kids would if they spend too much of their time with technology and not enough time being engaged while in the presence of others. (Dhruvin Patel, medium.com)

So, next time you think you should buy your child the latest gadget, get them a baseball bat or a cricket bat or a football.

Happy outdoor fun!!!


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I am a mother of two adorable boys, who do drive me insane at time, aged 8.5 and 5 years. They both have their own personalities and way of dealing with everyday life issues. My older one values my opinion a lot but my younger one has a mind of his own. But at  the end of the day, I love both of t hem equally.

Being a mother is not an easy task. You take some life altering decisions and often question yourself for taking certain steps.


Children follow routines very easily and adapt to them for a long period of time. For instance, putting the children to bed at a decent time is a struggle but if you put your foot down, then come hail or storm you and your children will adhere to it. According to a study, the ideal bedtime for any age group is between 6 pm to 9 pm. Different age groups should get at least 9 to 11 hours of sleep daily. If you still haven’t started, I would suggest you may start now. It will take a week or so for them to get used to it but they will eventually follow a routine.

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Study time:

Getting children to study has also become a huge task these days. The present generation is not a big fan of learning in most households. As parents, it is our responsibility to help them in their education as much as possible. to develop good study habits, you must provide them with a designated study area, get them organised, provide a positive learning environment with no distractions, lots of encouragement and assistance from you. You should also develop good reading habits in them. This can be done by being a role model yourself.

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The connection to God will always help your children keep a balance in  their lives. Develop the habit of praying at an early age. Instead of putting fears of ridiculous things or creatures, tell them that God is watching. Show them how beautiful the world is around them and God created this world so  that we could live in harmony. Teach them tolerance at all levels. Give  them  the gift of gratitude.

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In this era of technology, it is often difficult as a parent to keep your children away from getting intimidated by gadgets like Tablets, iPad, Laptops and Smart phones. But you must remember it is you who needs to control the use of these. Restricting the use to one hour a day to only week ends depends on how good you are at convincing your children and giving them an alternative. These entertainment alternates create a social and emotional gap in children. Overuse of a phone or a tab can reduce sleep hours. It affects children’s health also as they are continuously sitting in front a screen without a break. This also develops aggression and frustration as your child is unable to control the environment outside the screen or game.

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Outdoor activities:

Encourage your children to play outside or take at least one day out of your busy schedule and take them to a park, a beach or a playground. If you must buy  them toys, try buying footballs, cricket kits, badminton rackets etc. This will definitely develop an interest and they will try out these sports with you.

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All in all, there is no manual on how to bring up children. What works for one parent might not work for  the other but there’s no harm in seeking advice and taking an opinion. BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU ARE A GOOD PARENT…. NEVER DOUBT THAT!


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As I walked down the memory lane, I saw my younger self,

Beaming at words, giggling at poetry and dancing to the music,

The eyes were twinkling, the smile was fresh and there were dreams,

Back then I wished for the stars….

As I turned the pages, I came across a headstrong and ingenious girl,

Her face radiated with determination and zest,

She would conquer the world and rule the hearts,

Back then I wished for the stars…….

Now as I look in the mirror, I see a lot of struggle,

I see a woman with a heart full of stories of love and forgiveness,

Someone who weathers the storm every day,

Now she lives with the stars…..


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